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RETORTS & WOOD KILN DRYERS » Top Dressing Bio- top soil loam

Preping and levelling base for turfing 
Repairing divots
Replacing boarder dressing 
Lawn seed mix dressing 

Four Seasons eco versatile Bio-product can be used for improving the soil, probably its most popular use in the garden is for levelling the ground before laying turf. It is also great for divot repair and you can even mix it with seed to create a lawn patching mix. Top Soil can also be used in garden landscaping jobs of any size.

It is suitable for multiple purposes around the garden.
Sold by the cubic meter either in Tote (bulk) bags or a loose load: Minimum order for loose loads is 2 cubic meters.

How is Biochar Made


Our Biochar is produced through pyrolysis, a process in which wood waste or wood debris is heated in a low or zero oxygen environment. During the process, the water, and nutrients inside of the organic matter combusts leaving a highly porous charcoal-material that leaves microscopic pores giving a home to a diversity of microbes and bacteria. (Biochar can be thought of as a sponge, soaking up nutrients, toxic gases, and water that surrounds it which make it suitable for all garden uses.

Price Options Quantity Price
1cm3 Tote (bulk) bags dressing bio-soil - £125.00
2 cm3 loose of top dressing bio-soil - £235.00