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SPECIAL OFFERS » Wood Wool Firelighters

Natural wood firelighters made from wood shaving strands which have outstanding lighting properties and is suitable for lighting various materials without the need for paper .... for lighting grills, outdoor fireplaces, wood stoves and hearths etc.
It’s strength lies primarily in its long standing burning time, where one roll can burn a flame for 10 minutes.
The wood wool firelighters is a natural, handmade product that is free of any dangerous chemical substances, it is ecological and environmentally-friendly, which makes it suitable for storage indoors.
The alternative to petrol smelling firelighters
Contain no chemicals or adulterants
Are completely non-toxic
Defra approved firelighters
Are ideal for grills and barbeques; because they are completely non-toxic. They won’t taint your food with chemicals or unpleasant odours
Are extremely effective – one firelighter will light coal, wood briquettes or large firewood logs.
Each firelighter is 9cm long and burns for 10 minutes.

Each 1 of our boxes contains 50 wood wool firelighters

The production of the our firelighters starts with the careful selection of a suitable soft wood (namely spruce, pine), which are cut into wood 1 metre logs that are then planed. The planing of the wood produces wood fibres called wood-wool, which have a thickness of 0.1 to 0.3 mm and a width of 2 to 15 mm. Then after they are spun Using special “spinning wheels”, this raw wood wool is then twisted into a rope with a diameter of approximately 25 mm, which is subsequently wound on to rolls. Each roll consists of approx. 150 m of wood wool rope. Because it is handmade, the diameter of the final rope may fluctuate slightly.

Then the wood wool rope is shortened to the required length suitable for further processing and allowed to dry. Drying is a long process that takes several weeks. After drying thoroughly, the wool rope is dipped in a hot bee’s wax bath, left to drip off and cool down. The rope prepared in this way is then cut on an automatic saw to the size and boxed to you..!

Price: £5.00 each box or £9.50 for 2 boxes

Price Options Quantity Price
1 box (50 per box) 1 £5.50
2 boxes (50 per box) 1 £10

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