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We produce our own high quality, British made charcoal in convenient sized bags of 3Kg and 6Kg that burns hot and reaches cooking temperature within 15 minutes. It does not need lighter fuel for starting so will not taint food - “Just twist paper and light”

A by-product of our charcoal production, BioChar contains charcoal pieces. BioChar has been used for years by professional gardeners to improve the nutrient availability, soil structure and to produce healthier plants. 


Four Seasons Charcoal is made on-site in West Sussex, light in weight in 3kg & 6kg bags, and does not have to be transported across the world to get your BBQ.

Our locally produced charcoal is good for the environment with a low carbon footprint. British made charcoal is much better quality than imported charcoal as the wood from the British trees used is typically less dense than that used for imported charcoal. Our wood is sourced sustainably from local coppiced woodland which helps keep our woodland habitats in great condition for wildlife.

Why buy British?
If 50% of the annual 60.000 tonne demand for barbecue charcoal came from British Woodlands, instead of 5%, this would provide the financial incentive for the better care of 40,000 ha of Ancient Woodland. Your decision to buy local supports the environment by encouraging managed woodland, reducing emissions in unnecessary transportation, and promotes the local economy. 

Better still, our production of British charcoal results in a product that's better for cooking. No need to use lighter fuel for starting, this means no tainted food. Just twist paper and light. Our charcoal burns hot and reaches cooking temperature within 15 minutes. Why not add some smoking wood chips too and get some real flavour!

Learn more about our charcoal production process, more information on the charcoal retorts we use, and also manufacture for commercial use.


BioChar contains small charcoal pieces and has been used for years by professional gardeners to improve the nutrient availability and soil structure to produce healthier plants.

BioChar may also increase soil fertility in lower pH soils, help increase growing productivity, and protect against some plant and crop diseases.

Whether you are using in tubs and pots, enhancing soil or aiding seedlings, then BioChar is the answer. Our buckets of BioChar are available to everyone.