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About Us

Four Seasons Fuel began in 1994 as a firewood merchant with a shed for an office, and we’re now a team of 24 with a fleet of 18 vehicles, supplying wood, coal, barbecue fuel, and beverage gas to a vast customer base in the south of England and across the UK.  


Fuel experts since 1994

We’ve been supplying firewood since 1994, but the origins of Four Seasons Fuel go back to 1987, when Jeremy Harris (known as Jez) started a landscaping business. Landscaping generated a lot of wood, so Jezever the entrepreneurstarted selling the leftover wood as firewood, rather than letting it go to waste.  

In 1998, when the firewood business was in full swing, we were approached by a national LPG company to distribute gas cylinders on their behalf. Within four years, we’d grown the LPG business to such a degree that we invested in buying our own cylinders 

Winters have naturally always been busy for us, but soon after we started trading, we realised we needed to diversify to ensure the business could thrive throughout the rest of the year. So, in 2009, we established Bargas and began supplying beverage gas to pubs, bars and restaurants. Bargas is overseen by Scott, Jez’s son, who had joined the business in 2008. Truly a family-run business, Jez’s wife, mother and brother have all worked for the company too and helped towards its growing success.  

And we didn’t stop at firewood, LPG and Bargas – in 2015, we became an approved coal merchant. By October 2020, further growth meant we commissioned our LPG filling plant. Sourcing our LPG gas directly from the refineries allows us to offer our customers the most competitive prices.   


Your one-stop fuel solution

We’ve grown dramatically in the last three decades compared with where we began, but we remain a family-run business and put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Whatever your fuel requirements, we’re here to help. If you need assistance with any of our products or have any questions, contact us on 01403 783379 or email