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This product is currently out of stock. You are welcome to place an order, but please bear in mind your coal will not be available for collection or delivery until 23rd July. If you have any questions or need coal urgently, call us on 01403 783379 and select option 2.

Oxbow Red Charcoal 20kg Bags: Premium Smokeless Coal
Our 20kg bags of Oxbow’s premium smokeless coal are designed to deliver exceptional performance and a satisfying burn, perfect for open fires and multi-fuel stoves.
Why Choose Oxbow Red Charcoal?
  • High Performance: Made with a blend of high-quality bituminous coal, Oxbow Red Charcoal offers easy lighting, a long-lasting flame, and high heat output.
  • Low Ash: Say goodbye to messy clean-ups! Oxbow Red Charcoal produces minimal ash, keeping your fireplace or stove clean and efficient.
  • Authentic Experience: Rediscover the pleasure of a 'real coal fire' with Oxbow Red Charcoal. Our product brings back the warmth and ambiance of traditional coal burning.
Product Details:
  • Size: Each briquette weighs 120g and is pillow-shaped for easy handling.
  • Sulphur Content: 1.7%
  • Calorific Value: 30000 kJ/kg
  • Ash Content: 3%
  • Ideal for:
    • Open fires
    • Multi-fuel stoves and closed appliances
Why Oxbow?
  • British Quality: Oxbow is proud to deliver high-quality coal products, sourced and manufactured in the UK.
  • Value for Money: Our 20kg bags offer great value, ensuring you get the most out of every burn.
Experience a ‘real coal fire’ with Oxbow Red Charcoal. Order now and enjoy the warmth and convenience of premium smokeless coal.

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