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HOTTIES are an ideal clean fuel efficient alternative to logs comprising compressed woodchips as a square log 8 inches long. They burn really hot. HOTTIES briquettes are an ideal clean fuel efficient alternative to logs.
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Hotties Heatlogs
Hotties Heatlogs - made in the UK from 100% renewable clean wood. They are denser and drier than other Heatlogs or Pinikay imported briquettes and do not expand or crumble, giving off a powerful and reliable heat every time.

Manufactured in the UK from renewable clean wood residues.
  •     Easy and clean to handle, easy to stack/store
  •     Suitable for all stoves, log burners, firepits and chimineas
  •     Reliable flame with assured warmth. Once you use them, you'll always probably want to use them
  •     Easy to light, they burn well, throw off great heat and are safe (no expansion    during burning)
  •     Low ash residue (0.5 - 0.7%) with no soot They help keep stoves, cassette fires and chimneys clean
  •     Low moisture content - normally less than 5% (The average wood log moisture content is between 25% and 50%)
  •     No spitting or sparking
  •     Great used alone or mixed with regular fuel type
  •     Log dimensions: 70mm x 200mm length
Clean, sustainable, British Woodfuel Solutions
Our range of renewable wood fuel products are manufactured by BSW Energy in Suffolk. Whether you are looking to buy Hotties Heat logs, Mini Heatlogs or Barbies BBQ briquettes you can be rest assured that all of the sawdust and chips that are used in the manufacturing process are sourced in the UK from sustainably managed forests. We are a BSL Authorised supplier and also Woodsure accredited by HETAS which means our fuels are certified to be both safe and efficient. Our versatile, clean and efficient wood fuel ranges are available for nationwide delivery.
Price Options Quantity Price
100 HOTTIES heatlogs (10 packs) £87.50
250 HOTTIES heatlogs (25 packs) £212.50
500 HOTTIES heatlogs (50 Packs) £412.50
1000 HOTTIES heatlogs (100 packs) £800.00

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