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FIRELIGHTERS » Wood Wool Firelighters

These wood wool firelighters are made from natural components – strands of wood shavings are woven into wood ‘wool’, which is then spun into rope and wound onto rolls. With no chemicals added, your wood wool firelighters burn cleanly, won’t add unwanted odours or tastes to food when used for barbecues, and are safe to be stored indoors.
Suitable for use in open fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, and on outdoor grills and barbecues, wood wool firelighters are highly effective. One firelighter will easily light logs, coal and wood briquettes with no need for paper.
Product details
  • Each firelighter is 9cm
  • Burning time for each firelighter: 10 minutes
  • Each box contains 50 firelighters

CLICK & COLLECT applies to some packs of logs, single packs of kindling, coal, charcoal, salt, HOTSPOT flamable items, homefire fire lighters, paraffin and starter packs of coal and wood.

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Price Options Quantity Price
1 box of FSF wood wool firelighters (50 per box) £5.99