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four Seasons fuel has been producing and selling BIO-CHAR for over 30 years.
our Bio char have been use from Hollywood films, TV production, FX companies, Landscape companies and Eco-Government bodies worldwide to name but a few.
we supply from 5lts buckets to Tote Bags (320 Kg's) delivery around the UK. 

100% Bio Char Soil enhancer and conditioner for healthier, more productive plant growth.

Ideal for flowers, herbs, vegetables and hanging baskets.

How to use Bio Char:
Tubs and Pots - apply 10% Biochar to 90% compost or topsoil. Mix in well.
Lay turf - apply BioChar to topsoil. Rake in 1Kg per one cubic metre turfing area and water well.
Seeding - Apply Biochar to bottom of seedling trenches, place and cover seeds. Water well.

How is Biochar Made


Our Biochar is produced through pyrolysis, a process in which wood waste or wood debris is heated in a low or zero oxygen environment. During the process, the water, and nutrients inside of the organic matter combusts leaving a highly porous charcoal-material that leaves microscopic pores giving a home to a diversity of microbes and bacteria. (Biochar can be thought of as a sponge, soaking up nutrients, toxic gases, and water that surrounds it which make it suitable for all garden us

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