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Fire Alarms & CO Alarms

Four Seasons Fuels is your one-stop solution for everything fire related, right from fuels to cleaning accessories, alarms, firelighters and a lot more. Most important in any property - and especially one with an open fire or stove is a working fire alarm.

Hotspot Brick and Stone Sealer

Hotspot Brick and Stone Sealer in our collection is a solvent base combination of resins, oils and specially formulated compounds. Brick and Stone Sealer will protect and enhance the natural beauty of brick and stone.

Eco-friendly Briquettes

At Four Seasons Fuel, we offer eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable solutions as much as possible. For instance, we have coffee logs that are made from waste coffee grounds. We also have smokeless coal, nuggets and heat logs and many other similar items manufactured and sourced in ways that are better for the environment.

Brown Rock Salt

Rock salt is the most suitable option for increasing traction on slippery roads and is also the most economical means of covering bigger areas. It can be used as residential grit, for clearing drives, and for making pavements safe to walk on.
Rock salt consists of coarse-grained siliceous rock which often contains sharp and angular grains which aid in better traction. It tends to be quite dry and spreads quickly and easily. When compared to white de-icing salt, rock salt tends to be cheaper to use.

HotSpot Glass Cleaner

Hotspot Glass Cleaner cleans tough spots where household window cleaners fail. It is an effective product if you are facing issues with stubborn stains. This product is easy to use and works quickly and efficiently. It is to be applied on cleaned and cool surfaces. After leaving it on for up to five minutes you need to wipe it off with a damp cloth, by rubbing gently. You need to then polish it with an absorbent cloth or tissue. In the case of stubborn stains, the process has to be repeated using a nylon scouring pad.

Protect Against Chimney Fires with HOTSPOT FLUE FREE

Chimney fires are one of the most common hazards associated with solid fuel fires and stoves. The likelihood is further increased with poorly maintained chimneys or chimneys that are left unattended for long. Fires in the chimney are dangerous and can not only cause substantial damage to the property but can cause injuries too. This is a problem for most solid fuel stoves and fires.

How to use Fortafix Fire Cement

Fortafix fire cement is a flexible adhesive with a putty-like consistency. Available in 500g and 1kg containers, this non-toxic water-based solution can easily withstand heat up to 1400°C (2550°F) temperature. It is an excellent option for general sealing and repair in high-temperature resistance areas. Uniquely formulated, this cement is recommended by leading industrial and domestic heating appliance manufacturers.

What is BioChar, and what are the benefits?

BioChar is often used by professional gardeners. It can be used in tubs and pots for aiding healthy seedling growth. This also helps improve the nutrient content in the soil to produce healthier plants.
BioChar is regarded as the best supplement for healthier and more productive plant growth. Suitable for herbs, flowers, vegetables and also hanging baskets. Created using a pyrolysis process, this involves heating of the biomass in a low oxygen environment.

Features of recycled Hotties Heat Logs

Hotties are an innovative UK product that are comprised of 100% recycled wood and manufactured in a bespoke Suffolk factory based near Bury St Edmunds. Hotties are an eco-friendly product sourced in the UK from sustainably managed forests with a green manufacturing process too - powered from an anaerobic digestor!
Heat logs make a compelling alternative to coal and wood, on their own or alongside. These are cheaper than the traditional fuels and make the perfect wood for burning.

Fortafix Firebrand Cement

Need a quick fix for your fireback or brickwork repairs? Our pliable adhesive black fire cement is designed for general sealing and repair work where high-temperature resistance is necessary. This putty-like cement is easy to use and is available in 500g and 1kg containers. This product is uniquely formulated and recommended by leading industrial and domestic heating appliance manufacturers throughout the world.

Why choose our firewood for your wood-burning stove?

Four Seasons Fuel supplies firewood acquired only from the local forestry. We are one of the largest suppliers of firewood across the UK. 

Here are the reasons why we feel you should buy firewood and fuels from us at Four Seasons:

  •  Acquired from stainable woodland and forestry
  •  Available in split logs that are easy to store

Summer offers at Four Seasons Fuels

Take advantage of our special summer offers! These prices will save you money and keep us busy in summer!

Amongst our Fireplace products, chimney cleaning logs are on offer. Chimney cleaning logs are a good solution for a thorough chimney clean. A chimney cleaning log in the fire can render the creosote deposit up the chimney walls brittle and lower the volatile organic compounds in the chimney which reduces the possibility of fires. This effect helps make subsequent mechanical sweeping easier, cleaner and more effective. Follow the link to check out the products on Special Offer.

How are compressed woodchips an efficient alternative to logs?

Hotties or compressed wood chips are a clean and fuel-efficient alternative to logs. There are several attributes of hotties that make these a better alternative when compared to logs.
    • Woodchips are made from 100% renewable, clean recycled wood, making them very environmentally friendly.
    • They are denser and drier when compared to a traditional log.

Use chimney cleaning logs to help prevent chimney fires

The main cause of chimney fires is creosote deposits that form in the chimney after prolonged use. Creosote deposits accumulate over time when the wood burns and releases unburnt gases. The unburnt gases condensate on the chimney walls and form tarry creosote deposits. If allowed to collect and the chimney is left unclean for a long time, this creosote build-up can become quite hazardous and could catch fire at some point.

Order a useful hardwood or softwood chopping block

Hardwood or softwood chopping blocks are useful for chopping your wooden logs. While we do our best to precut and split your wooden logs, they still might be a particular size that does not suit your particular appliance. You may find you need to chop these into smaller pieces to get the right size.

Oxbow Glow High-Quality Briquettes: Exceptional Fuel for Multi-Fuel Stoves

Oxbow Glow briquettes make an excellent choice for multi-fuel stoves. High performing, environmentally friendly and very competitively priced, they are ideal for open fires, multi-fuel stoves and with suitable room heaters.

Are you searching for fireplace or stove accessories?

Do you have a fireplace or stove in your home? If you do, at Four Seasons Fuels we have all the accessories in one place to maintain, clean and importantly keep your fireplace or stove safe.
A fireplace can get quite dirty with creosote build up after prolonged use and with little or no maintenance or lower quality fuel. To tackle this common problem, we have helpful chimney cleaning logs. ......

Benefits of domestic heating oil to keep your home warm

Kerosene is a type of domestic heating oil which is one of the most widely used fuels for homes that are not connected to the main gas network.

This fuel type is extremely versatile with a number uses. Kerosene oil is light in colour, a thin and clear liquid with a density of around 0.81 g/cm3 (gram per cubic centimetre).

Find a variety of smoking wood chips

BBQ Smoking Wood Chips are a great way of giving your food the perfect flavour to enhance the whole barbecue experience.
At Four Seasons Fuels we have a fantastic range of BBQ/Smoking Wood Chips for either hot or cold smoking. The variety of smoking wood chips flavours includes....

Uses of Hotspot Lagging Rope

High and extreme temperature rope laggings have quite a few uses. Wherever it is necessary to lag and insulate pipe work and components, rope laggings are the best option.
These work especially well where a soft and pliable construction is required for squeezing into tight places.

Shop netted bags of seasoned hardwood logs

Our hardwood logs are premium quality and are supplied in convenient netted bags.
Four Seasons Fuel is a one stop solution for all your firewood and fuel requirements. We supply quality locally sourced logs that are seasoned or kiln dried, coal, charcoal, briquettes, Biochar, paraffin and bottled gas.

Why you should use ‘chimney cleaning’ logs

Although it is an easy to forget task, regular chimney maintenance is a necessity in order to ensure that it remains clean and is free of any kind of fire hazard.
A clean chimney also means cleaner smoke, better for you and the environment. Whilst a periodic chimney sweep service is essential to keep your chimneys clean and soot free, there are products that you can make use of on your own to maintain the cleanliness of your chimney.

Explore our range of BBQ smoker fuel

Smokey flavour for your grilled food can be achieved in more ways than one!
Did you know that there are specific wood logs that can be used for slower cooking and grilling and add a unique flavour to your food?
We have a few smoker fuel wood options that add a pleasant taste to your grilled food. BBQ wood chunks are suitable for use in charcoal BBQs, grills and in smokers, and can be used all year round!

In Need of Domestic Heating Oil

Domestic heating oil or Kerosene is a type of oil which is one of the most commonly used heating fuel for homes that are not connected to the main gas network. 

This fuel is the most popular choice for homes that use oil fired boilers. Kerosene is a non-corrosive fuel type and hence isn’t dangerous when compared to the other types of fuels. It can also be safely stored for long periods. 

read more

Michael Gove, environment secretary

Sales of coal as a household fuel could be banned under government plans to reduce air pollution from open fires and stoves.

Restrictions could also be imposed on the burning of wet wood and councils will be given stronger powers to act against people who flout rules in smoke control areas.

Michael Gove, environment secretary, is targeting home fires because they are the single largest source of particulates that contribute to lung and heart disease, causing 29,000 early deaths a year. About 40 per cent of particulates in 2015 came from burning coal and wood in homes, more than double the proportion from diesel cars. A wood-burning stove can produce more particulates than an HGV.

The stoves are increasingly popular in middle-class homes and hotels, with 1.5 million already fitted in Britain and 200,000 sold annually. Old fireplaces have also been opened up in many houses and can cause greater pollution than stoves. During a smog episode in London last January, half the toxic emissions in some areas came from domestic coal fuel and wood burning. Mr Gove will call for evidence today on the use of house coal, smokeless coal, manufactured solid fuels and wood used for heating. He is considering banning the sale of house coal and only allowing low-sulphur smokeless alternatives. these Smokeless coal tends will be more expensive  and could rise the costs up to 20% to 30% but sellers of some varieties claim they have a higher heat output than traditional coal. the ban on house coal fuel will be enforced by 2020.
He may also encourage people to burn only dried wood. This would either be seasoned wood, left for up to two years to dry naturally, or dried in a kiln. Newly felled wood has a high moisture content above +/-30% makes a lot of smoke and has more than double the emissions of seasoned or kiln-dried wood. Many people buy wet wood in bulk and dry it themselves before burning due to cheaper costs.
the will increase the costs of firewood due to fuel merchants will have to invest in wood kilns and new fuel regulations.
Stricter sulphur limits are also being considered for all smokeless solid fuels to reduce from 4% to 2% this will also increase the cost of smokeless briquette formed fuels.

A Carbon Monoxide Alarm

A Carbon Monoxide Alarm is necessary in every room that has a fuel burning appliance. Our CO-9X 7 year life CO alarm system at Four Seasons Fuel provides you a warning of the presence of CO in your home through the alarm and LED display system.

Shop online for our handy large or small open fire starter pack

All you need to start a fire either inside or outside. Our fire starter pack at Four Seasons Fuels ensures you have everything to hand. We have two options in store for you;

New Charcoal Retort ... again designed by Four Seasons Ful Ltd

See this video of the new single chamber charcoal retort built, delivered and commissioned by Nick Harris of Four Seasons Fuel Ltd for Birchwood Charcoal

Guide to choosing smokeless fuel briquettes

Why choose smokeless fuel briquettes
Our smokeless fuel briquettes at Four Seasons Fuel make the best quality fuel option for domestic use. There are various advantages to the smokeless briquettes that make them preferable over the other fuel options. Here are a few.

Kiln Dried Logs for Burning Best

Choosing the right kind of firewood for burning is very important as this choice of wood determines the kind of fire your will have. Kiln dried logs are those that have been dried out properly and hence burn clean and hot produce very little smoke.

Siberian Larch/Spruce Hot Tub: Luxury at your doorstep!

 The wood clad hot tub comes in either Siberian larch or spruce and is literally added luxury in your our garden. The minimalist design is created to provide you with complete luxury yet the design remains compact, simple and cosy. The tub has a wide round sill with simple stairs, an earthy colour thanks to the use of wood and a minimalist design which makes it all the more appealing. Setting it up in your garden is bound to provide you with a relaxing and soothing experience. 

High quality Barbecue (BBQ) charcoal

At Four Seasons Fuels we provide comprehensive fuel solutions to suit all your requirements be it heating your homes, firing up your grills, for commercial use etc. We also have a wide number of fire accessories such as fire alarms, firelighters, polish, glass cleaners, chimney cleaning logs and a lot more. If you are looking for fine quality BBQ charcoal, we have the finest variety available.

What are the benefits of using heat logs?

Heat logs also known as wood briquettes and hotties make a great fuel option to heat up homes and other uses.
These hold several benefits over other forms of fuels.

Introducing Coffee Logs

 Coffee log is one of the most ingenious and innovative ideas developed in terms of fuel. These are a new form of briquettes/logs that are recycled from coffee grounds. Recycled coffee contains 20% more energy than wood and thus these logs burn better than other fuels.

BBQ Charcoal Still in Demand

The late summer weather still allows us to enjoy the occasional BBQ and thanks to the special effect on the taste of food and the outdoor experience cooking over a charcoal BBQ is ever more popular

Whilst charcoal may be messier than other BBQ fuels such as electricity or gas, many feel the slight inconvenience if it is far outweighed  by the benefits of using charcoal

Types of circular saws

Any mechanically powered saw with a circular, rotating blade is considered a circular blade saw. This category of saw can either be handheld or table mounted. Here are the various types available.

The Advantages of using Wood Briquettes

There are many advantages to using wood briquettes as fuel for your wood burning stove.
Here we list the main advantages

Buy Firewood Logs in West Sussex

Four Seasons Fuel is the ideal place for all your firewood requirements.
Here in West Sussex we produce 3,000 tons of seasoned and kiln dry firewood every year. Our premium range of firewood includes Kiln Died and Seasoned Firewood packed as netted, bagged or loose.

Seasoned Logs Or Wood Briquettes?

At Four Seasons Fuel we supply both firewood and briquettes.

Firewood is either as kiln dried logs or as seasoned logs. The seasoned logs are premium quality dry ASH firewood logs. These are dried all summer in our barns and all are cut to approx 9.5 inches. The moisture content of our seasoned logs is +/- 22%.  

Good Day to all Fellow Sussex farmshops! glampers! campers! and friends!

Things on the farm have been busy of late with the new Retort being constructed!
This Charcoal Retort is number ‘four' on the farm and was designed and constructed by Nick Harris of Four Seasons Fuel.



Another charcoal retort design by Nick Harris at four seasons fuel.
This single charcoal retort will produce
150kgs of BBQ charcoal in 6hrs, using only 5/6 x wooden pallets to fuel it in the fire box in 2hrs temperature was 480 degrees C in the charge drum of the retort the gases were entering the fire box No more fuel was required temperature kept steady 510-520 Degrees C for 4hrs after the gases started to relaxed and left it still next day unloaded in 10mins into cooling bins then loaded again which took 15mins.
Started the process over again this retort is a fun to use a burn everyday over 5 day will produce 700kg.
Bring a value of £900 per week to the trade market or open public £1400

Seasoned Logs Vs Wood Briquettes

At Four Seasons Fuel we supply premium both options... seasoned logs and wood briquettes.

Here is a comparison between the two fuels.

A little history - saint of charcoal buners


Saint Alexander The Charcoal Burner

By Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

How to Hire a Chimney Sweep service

A periodic chimney sweep is necessity in order to ensure that the chimney remains clean which in turn reduces the fire hazards. A clean chimney reduces health issues as also ensures that the smoke has a clean outlet and does not enter the room.
At Four Seasons Fuel we provide chimney sweep services that will ensure that your chimneys remain clean and soot free so that you can sit back and relax enjoying the open fireplace or wood burning stove. 

Use and advantages of Fire Lighters

Fire lighters are the best means to ignite wood quickly without too much of a hassle. (Not needed form lighting our charcoal as it is such good quality)

Getting the fire up and burning can at times prove to be a tedious job which is made easy by these lighters. Here are a few advantages and how our Fire Lighters come in handy while starting up your log or coal fires:

Guide to household coal

At Four Seasons Fuel, we provide different grades of coal to suit different requirements. Our coal comes in convenient sized bags for ease of use. The variety of coal we provide includes traditional house coal, Maxibrite Bricketts,
Homefire ecoal, Homefire ovals and  Taybright smokeless fuel.

Benefits of a Charcoal BBQ

When it comes to deciding whether to buy a gas fired BBQ  or stick to the traditional charcoal fired ones the debate continues.
Which grill is are better?
If you decide it is Charcoal then what charcoal is best?

Which Is the Best Type of Log Splitter; Horizontal or Vertical?

At Four Seasons Fuel we sell a wide variety of wood splitters. All our products are of AMR Wood Splitters (Vogesen Blitz), a French company that produces log cutting solutions of highest quality and reliability. These log splitters are the best solution for firewood splitting. All our log splitting machines are rugged, highly dependable and durable and have been designed for maximum functionality.

Log Splitters in general are categorized as follows:
Electric horizontal
Electric vertical
Petrol vertical
Petrol tow behind
Hydraulic Gas powered Log Splitters
Between the Horizontal and Vertical Log Splitters what is the best choice? This obviously depends on your requirement. The smaller horizontal log splitters are ideal in case of lower volumes and logs of smaller size. These can easily be operated at floor level or even on a bench or table making it the ideal choice for domestic use.



FOUR SEASONS FUEL have taken over MR POTT chimney sweeping company We have been working together from the start but due to Steve's illness we have taken it on with new member of staff (DAN) who has been fully trained by "ICS" with the help from Steve checking that all things run well. Steve will be still working with us for 3 days a week his new roll in the company will be booking in orders with new and old customers with chimney sweeping and sales of solid fuels.
Forever looking after our customers so we can supply them with all fuel solutions.....

Sweden new RT1600 retort delivered

Continuing our export drive a new Charcoal Retort RT1600 was built and delivered to Sweden last week and I (Nick Harris) went over to commission it with help from the new owner 'Hans'
This is the second retort to be built, installed and commissioned for the Swedish client who owns 4000 acres of rich woodland estate in Swedish. Nordic pine and glass birch grow very slowly on this sandy bed where trees find the nutrients are hard to find (taking 50yrs of growth to produce 8 inch diameter). Hence trees grow extremely slowly and are more dense than the those grown in the UK.

During commissioning of the charcoal retort the 1st burn when very well lasting 15 hours and producing great new lumpwood charcoal of about 550 - 600Kgs.
The feedstock they were using was Glass Birch.  Because of this density of wood it produces lots of gases with continuous retorting.
The 2nd burn was more even with Hans in control keeping the retort to 525-550 degrees of 10 hrs which was a more controlling temperature producing the same kilos as the first.

Another charcoal retort successfully installed and working!


BioChar Now Available Here

At Four Seasons Fuel we provide 5 Litre buckets of 100% Bio Char. These are ideal for keen gardeners, allotment users or small scale commercial growers. The handy re-sealable bucket can be easily carried around in the garden or allotment. If you have never tried Bio Char before try it now

20 Litre Containers of Paraffin

By popular demand we now supply paraffin in the 20 litre container containers which are are very handy where used frequently. Finding paraffin in such convenient sized containers is hard. Our high grade paraffin is ideal for paraffin heaters and lamps apart from its other uses. A single paraffin 20 litre container is £29.99 and 2 containers is £55.

BioChar Features in BBC Countryfile programme on 21 February 2016

The benefits of BioChar as a soil enhancer and conditioner for healthier, more productive plant growth that makes it ideal for flowers, herbs, vegetables and hanging baskets are well known. BBC Countryfile featured its suggested properties of helping the prevent dieback in ash trees.

Soil enhancer and conditioner for healthier, more productive plant growth. Ideal for flowers, herbs, vegetables and hanging baskets. - See more at: http://www.fourseasonsfuel.co.uk/charcoal-bbq-and-biochar/bio-char-6-0-P-135/#sthash.X84MCHQK.dpuf
Soil enhancer and conditioner for healthier, more productive plant growth. Ideal for flowers, herbs, vegetables and hanging baskets. - See more at: http://www.fourseasonsfuel.co.uk/charcoal-bbq-and-biochar/bio-char-6-0-P-135/#sthash.X84MCHQK.dpuf



Save £5 on a 10 bag order of our own branded high quality oak nuggets
Save £15 on a bulk bag of Kiln Dried ash wood logs
Save £10 on a barrow bag of Kiln Dried ash wood  logs
Save £5 on 10 handy bags of Kiln Dried ash wood logs



Four Seasons Fuel Oakwood briquettes Nuggets for a long lasting heat! Oakwood is one of the longest burning of fire woods. Much longer than the softwood produced briquettes!! Our Nuggets can be used to replace coal or other smokeless fuels or added to your open fire or stove this is a truly carbon neutral alternative with no loss of heat or performance. Oakwood nuggets measure between 50 and 150mm in length and approximately 60mm diameter. produce in Sussex and made from kiln dried Oakwood with an average moisture content of 5 %. They are Packed in 10kg loose fill plastic bags with handles.

We have sold over 10 tonnes in the last 3 months to local business and to public which choose to come into our yard and buy
cash & carry out, We have been told that we are the one of the largest suppliers in Brighton which we delivery on Wednesdays in this area, We are looking for companies that would like to become stockist for our Kiln Dried Handy Bags and Oakwood Nuggets if so please call us.
Happy burning and keep warm this winter...!
Four Seasons Fuel.



High quality Kiln Dried Hardwood Ash wood logs form Four seasons fuel

Kiln dried logs are logs that have been dried in a kiln to drive out the moisture so they ignite more quickly and burn quicker.
10Kg polythene bags
Top quality Kiln Dried Hardwood Ash wood logs in handy carry out 10kg polythene bags

Kiln dried logs are logs that have been dried in a kiln to drive out the moisture so they ignite more quickly and burn quicker.

Four Seasons Fuel own branded kiln dried hardwood logs are our highest quality and best performing logs. Ideal for burning on any wood burning appliance, both alone or alongside our other solid fuels. These logs are often used in wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, pizza ovens, chimineas or traditional open fires.

Bagged in a bespoke design plastic bags with built in handles, the kiln dried logs have a moisture level of less than 20%, so they can be burnt immediately. These logs will burn at a high temperature, and with a long and natural flame. Kiln Dried Logs are safe to burn alongside of our other solid fuels house coals and smokeless fuels.

Our kiln dried logs meet strict quality control guidelines for moisture content, size, package volume, and wood species with the guild lines.
Why not try one pop down to us and pick one up £5.99 each or order on line


Firewood for the Winter

It is that time of the year when you should start thinking of your fuel supplies of logs and coal for autumn and winter. Buy your firewood supply well in advance so that there are no hassle later on when the rush starts. Four Seasons Fuel provides you with the best quality logs that are sourced locally and are environmentally friendly too! Since we cut and deliver all year round you do not have to wait to order your firewood supplies until the onset of winter.  We provide either Kiln dried for extra heat or seasoned logs supplied as either a loose load or in convenient sized bags for ease of use. We also have good stock level of coal ready for you to purchase.

A Guide To Keeping Your Home Warm Using Kiln Dried Logs

If you are relying on solid wood fuel to provide your home with warmth, you probably know that it can be pricy to stock up on kiln dried logs. However, with Firewood and Logs, heating your home does not have to be expensive if you follow our quick guide on how to stock for winter and heat your home more efficiently.

New Delivery

As we do contracting work for CPL I thought it would be nice to show our customers a picture of one of our loads going to CPL
we produced a total of 19200 of Realwood nets for them this year all produced to our fully automatic bagging firewood processor
which will produce 200 bags per hour total 1200 to 1400 bags per working day.
we produce 1000 bags per week of our own Netted bags which we supply to local Nurseries, Hardware shops, and many impendent
firewood merchants..

charcoal retorts small design coming for 2015

four seasons fuel brings a new Charcoal retort.

We Dry Our Own Kiln Dried Logs

Whilst producing our own excellent charcoal in our own designed charcoal manufacturing retort we also gather the by product heat that is generated and run it through a kiln to dry logs making kiln dried logs .... that burn much hotter and more efficiently. The wood to be dried is placed in metal 1 metre cages. We can fit 36 cages in the kiln and, using the heat from the charcoal retort, we can reach tempertures of 80-95 degree over 4/5 days (120hrs) thus reducing the moisture content from 38% to an average of 15% to 10%.

Log splitter to covert to valuable logs

Frequent winter storms often mean that there are plenty of fallen trees around that are ideal for firewood. Open fires and wood burning stoves provide wonderful heating and comfort during winter months but they do tend to use a lot of firewood and these loads of fallen trees could be your answer to fulfilling this particular requirement.

The NEW coal yard for winter 2014

Have you ever considered co-firing as an option for the open fires or your wood burning stoves?
Form this winter 2014 we will be bagging our own coal also open 50KG loose sacks. (READ MORE)