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TOP PREMIUN ASH WOOD - Good quality dry ASH firewood logs come in our bulk bags with our FOUR SEASONS FUEL name on them they come with hooded skirts to stop the rain from getting in these bulk bags
Approx bulk bag size 85 x 85 x 90cms

Drying all summer in our barns, all cut to size of +/- 250mm approx.(9.5 inches). Moisture content +/- 20%

Delivered and craned off.

All our firewood fuel and smokeless fuels complies with the new British standards relegation on fuel emissions 2020 >> Why buy firewood in bulk bags

FREE LOCAL delivery on orders over £30 to postcodes
- RH12, RH13, RH14, RH15, RH16, RH17 & RH20,
- BN3, BN5, BN6, BN11, BN12, BN13, BN14, BN15, BN16, BN17, BN18, BN41, BN42, BN43, BN44 & BN99

Price Options Quantity Price
1 X Seasoned TOP Premium ASH Firewood Bulk Bag 1 £95
2 X Seasoned TOP Premium ASH Firewood Bulk Bag 1 £180

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