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Blog »  Advantages of Good Quality Fire Logs

When burning firewood, it is important that you burn fire logs with a moisture content ideally less than 20%. Burning moist logs is not only bad for the environment but also for your appliances. It creates high levels of smoke, ash and pollutants leaving a bad residue behind.
Wet fire logs can be bought for a lower price but they will need to be seasoned or kiln-dried before the logs can be burned. Seasoning wood is often a hassle since you need to ensure that there is enough space and time to season it for a good 1 to 2 years before it can be used. It has to be stored in a dry and covered place away from the walls and floor so that it gets sufficient ventilation to allow aeration of the logs and for the moisture to evaporate.
If you need wood for immediate burning, it is important that you go for good quality seasoned or kiln-dried logs. Kiln-dried wood goes through a more controlled process which means that each piece of wood is of consistent quality. Four Seasons Fuel provides top quality firewood and kindling which is locally sourced and environmentally friendly. Burning of firewood is a far better choice than burning any other kinds of fossil fuels as the alternatives are often more hazardous to the environment when compared to the burning of wood and mostly unsustainable.
We supply fire logs, hardwood logs, kiln dried logs, kiln dried firewood and wood-burning logs, seasoned logs, softwood logs etc which are of the highest quality and are eco-friendly. All these logs are useful for stoves, open fires, barbecues etc. Order your firewood early to ensure your log supply doesn't run out.