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Blog »  Advantages of Good Quality Fire Logs

When burning firewood, it is important to use the right quality of wood with less moisture content. Not only does this help the environment but also logs with a lower moisture content burn for a longer period of time.

Although good quality fire logs with low moisture content can be pricier than wetter logs, it is worth it to spend that extra bit to get a lot of extra fire time. These firewood logs can be used for stoves, open fires, barbecues and everything else.

Firewood that has been split and seasoned is also much easier to use than the regular firewood. It is less messy and more convenient when it comes to getting the fire started. If your firewood usage is quite low then the cost difference is not very noticeable.

Good quality firewood logs also produce lower amounts of smoke and dust which keeps the place comparatively cleaner. It becomes easier to store these firewood logs without the dust accumulating around it.

Since they are easily breakable, they can be broken down and stored for a longer period. They also have more stamina which means they can burn for a much longer period, saving you the trouble of running to the market to buy firewood before every trip or every barbecue party.