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Blog »  In Need of Domestic Heating Oil

Domestic heating oil or Kerosene is a type of oil which is one of the most commonly used heating fuel for homes that are not connected to the main gas network. 
This fuel is the most popular choice for homes that use oil fired boilers. Kerosene is a non-corrosive fuel type and hence isn’t dangerous when compared to the other types of fuels. It can also be safely stored for long periods. 
It is frequently used as heating oil or paraffin due to its versatility. Used by backpackers for lamps and liquid stoves when they are camping in the open. And interestingly, domestic heating oil can also be used as a cleaning lubricant for bike chains.
You can also get portable kerosene heaters which are absolutely safe to use in the house. Many people continue to use kerosene stoves for cooking. There are quite a few other domestic appliances that are kerosene fired. For households that suffer from power outages, they can make use of kerosene lamps which are safe to use and fit the purpose well. 
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