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Blog »  Switch to Hotties or Nuggets during this Firewood Shortage

The UK is currently facing a major firewood shortage. The disruption caused by the global pandemic and the subsequent domestic increase in demand for firewood during the lockdown has affected its availability. During the period from February to March 2021, the availability of firewood is expected to be lower than usual. There is an overall shortage of supply of not only firewood but building timber and other wooden products due to the sudden surge in demand during the lockdown period.

The shortage coupled with haulers' increasing rates has resulted in an upward surge in the costs as well. As the current situation is expected to last at least until early March 2021, why not have a look at the alternatives available to you? If you are shopping for firewood do not forget to check out our Oak nuggets and Hottie briquettes. These are equally good products with all the benefits of firewood and more. The heat output is great, storing and handling is easy and these burn well and clean.

As we have learned to adjust to so many new normals, this could be another adjustment that will see you through the winter and difficult times. Browse through the website to have a look at these products. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you need any information.