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Blog »  Which Is the Best Type of Log Splitter; Horizontal or Vertical?

At Four Seasons Fuel we sell a wide variety of wood splitters. All our products are of AMR Wood Splitters (Vogesen Blitz), a French company that produces log cutting solutions of highest quality and reliability. These log splitters are the best solutions for firewood splitting. All our log splitting machines are rugged, highly dependable and durable and have been designed for maximum functionality.

Log Splitters in general are categorized as follows:
Electric horizontal
Electric vertical
Petrol vertical
Petrol tow behind
Hydraulic Gas powered Log Splitters
Between the Horizontal and Vertical Log Splitters what is the best choice? This obviously depends on your requirement. The smaller horizontal log splitters are ideal in case of lower volumes and logs of smaller size. These can easily be operated at floor level or even on a bench or table making it the ideal choice for domestic use.
Vertical log splitters are best suited for bigger tasks like for splitting larger logs or where there higher volumes of logs to be split. Hence these are well suited for commercial use as well. These usually tend to be large, requiring additional storage space. The vertical splitters often come with a working table at waist height which makes them comfortable to use.
These splitters come in different power capacities. Choosing the power can be a tricky decision. Often higher power is preferred by many but the higher the power more the weight and size. Storage possibilities also need to be considered. The power of the splitter should ideally depend on three main factors. The type of wood (hardwood/softwood) its diameter and the length of the same.
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