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Blog »  Wood Splitting Blocks

Good quality hardwood or softwood chopping blocks are necessary for chopping wooden logs. While we do our best to cut and split your wooden logs, they still might be a particular size that does not suit your requirements or preference. Alternatively, you might also need to split logs with excess moisture content for quick drying.    

When splitting logs properly into the right size it is important that you have the right chopping block. For safety reasons using a chopping block is always better than placing your blocks directly onto the ground. An ideal chopping block stands anywhere between 12 to 16 inches. A block smaller than 12 inches might eventually split under the pressure. It’s also essential that the diameter is wider than the logs that you need to split. This is important for both stability and safety. Using a splitting block also ensures that your axe does not hit the ground.  

To get this job done correctly, you will need two things: an axe or a splitter, and a good quality chopping block. Without the block, you will very quickly blunt any chopping tools you have. At Four Seasons Fuel, we have chopping blocks readily available for you. They are 40cm in diameter and made from either hardwood or softwood. We provide free local delivery on orders over £30 to quite a few postcodes. Browse through our website for more details.