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Hotspot Flue Free is a specially formulated granular deposit conditioner which breaks down creosote and tar deposits that coat combustion areas and chimney interiors - a problem experienced with most solid fuel stoves and fires.

Flue Free helps to maintain clean chimneys for maximum efficiency, lower fuel consumption and reduces the risk of chimney fires. Suitable for use with stainless steel flues.

How it works:

Flue Free contains very specific grades of montmorillinite and alkaline phosphates. Incorrect grades of material can actually build up deposits.

Flue Free is carried up the chimney by the flue gases. The phosphates react with the acids in the creosote/tar and ”fluidise” it.

The montmorillinite soaks up these fluids producing a shriveling or drying action, which weakens the bonding to the chimney surface. In many cases this causes lumps of creosote to fall off. The phosphates also find their way onto the chimney surfaces and have the ability to afford some protection against corrosion.

It is advisable to arrange for the chimney to be swept prior to commencing Flue Free treatment.

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