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Blog »  Delivering warmth to your door: your guide to ordering and receiving Hotties heat logs

Hotties heat logs are a fuel-efficient alternative to regular logs, made from compressed woodchips and sawdust. Densely packed and with a low moisture content, Hotties heat logs burn cleanly and produce generous amounts of warmth. They last longer than standard logs and leave minimal ash residue, making them the ideal fuel for burning in fireplaces, wood stoves, wood burners and chimineas.

Benefits of Hotties heat logs vs other types of fuel

  • As Hotties are made from waste wood, they have a smaller environmental impact than traditional hardwood logs
  • Hotties produce less ash and residue
  • Hotties burn hotter and last longer than regular firewood
  • You only need one or two heat logs per fire, making them a cost-effective choice of fuel
  • Measuring 20cm x 7 cm, Hotties are a uniform size and shape, making them easy to stack, store and carry
The following chart compares the average heat output of Hotties heat logs with a regular bag of coal in controlled burn tests carried out over a period of 150 minutes.

How Hotties heat logs are made

Hotties heat logs are manufactured in a bespoke factory near Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk. Hotties are made using waste materials – offcuts, sawdust and leftover timber from managed woodland – and the factory itself is powered by an anaerobic digester, which uses bacteria to break down waste products. Once all the materials have been collected, the solid wood is chipped and dried using rotating air dryers. Unseasoned and green wood can contain more than 50% moisture, so drying down to 5% moisture is a crucial part of the process. The chipped, dried wood and sawdust is then compressed down to 10% of its original mass, making hard, dense, dry heat logs that light easily and burn efficiently, every single time.

How to use Hotties heat logs

You can mix your Hotties heat logs with wood or coal, or use them alone. They do not expand as they burn and last significantly longer than other types of compressed wood fuel. Easy to ignite, they burn with a bright light and generate an impressive amount of heat with little ash. The hole down the centre of the heat log enables easy movement of the Hotties on the fire. Follow the instructions below to light your Hotties heat logs. These simple steps will help make sure they burn safely and efficiently.

Delivery of your Hotties heat logs

Hotties are sold in packs of 10 logs, and we deliver your Hotties heat logs by the pallet. Unfortunately, we are unable to combine delivery with any other Four Seasons Fuel products. Please see our Hotties terms and conditions for more information.

Delivery charges for Hotties heat logs

The following information refers to the delivery of 250 or 500 Hotties. If you require a smaller quantity, please see our local delivery policy on our general Terms and Conditions page.
The table and map below show where delivery is free and the charges that apply to all other areas. 

Charge Zone Postcodes
Free Zones 1 & 2 RH12, RH13, RH14, RH15, RH16, RH17, RH20, BN3, BN5, BN6, BN11, BN12, BN13, BN14, BN15, BN16, BN17, BN18, BN41, BN42, BN43, BN44, BN99
£6.50 per pallet Zone 3 CA, LA, LL, EX, TQ, PL, SW, SE, NE, NW, W, N, EC, E
£16 per pallet Zone 4 SY, LD, SA, DG,TD,EH, ML, KA, G FK, KY
£60 per pallet Zone 5 KW, IV, AB, DD, PH, PA, all Northern Ireland postcodes (BT)
Note: For delivery to all other postcodes not on the UK mainland, please contact us for a quote.