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Blog »  Are you searching for fireplace or stove accessories?

Do you have a fireplace or stove in your home? If you do, at Four Seasons Fuels we have all the accessories in one place to maintain, clean and importantly keep your fireplace or stove safe.
A fireplace can get quite dirty with creosote build up after prolonged use and with little or no maintenance or lower quality fuel. To tackle this common problem, we have helpful chimney cleaning logs. These logs treat and reduce the creosote build up effectively in your fireplace/wood burner and chimney. Chimney Cleaning Logs make creosote deposits brittle and can lower the volatile organic compounds in the chimney with more effective sweepings. These deposits can be a reason for chimney fires, and regular use of the chimney cleaning logs can reduce this risk. These are simple to use and not messy.
A Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a safety device that should put up in every room that has a fuel-burning appliance. Our CO-9X 7-year life CO alarm system is the best option for you. This alarm gives warning of the presence of CO in your home through the alarm and LED display.
Have you checked out our fire starter pack at Four Seasons Fuels? This pack takes care of all your requirements and includes:
10 x 20Kg bags of Doubles House Coal
10 x Nets of seasoned logs
5 x Nets of kiln dried kindling
2 x Firelighters packets
We have a smaller version of this pack available too.
We also have hotspot brick and stone sealer. This is a solvent based combination of resins, oils and special compounds that help seal and protect the natural brick and stone on fireplace surrounds.
Our Hotspot Fireplace cleaner can effectively remove smoke, soot and tar stains caused by wood on brick, stone or concrete in your fireplace.
The products above are just a few of the many miscellaneous fireplace and stove options we have. Visit the website, drop in, or give us a call for more information about these or anything else you are looking for. A Fuel Specialist in Billingshurst, West Sussex, but shipping and delivering all over the UK - we are happy to help!