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Blog »  Explore our range of BBQ smoker fuel

Smokey flavour for your grilled food can be achieved in more ways than one!
Did you know that there are specific wood logs that can be used for slower cooking and grilling and add a unique flavour to your food?
We have a few smoker fuel wood options that add a pleasant taste to your grilled food. BBQ wood chunks are suitable for use in charcoal BBQs, grills and in smokers, and can be used all year round!
These are perfect for grilling pork ribs, gammon, and fish. Adding a rich and exquisite flavour and a unique taste to your beef, pork, poultry, fish, and veggies too. Our wood chunks come in 15 litre boxes and give your food a natural wood smoke flavour. 
Chunks are best if you want to let your BBQ burn for a while as you will get more smoke over a longer period of time without having to add more. Different wood types produce different flavours, and different types of trees have different compositions and burning points.
While meat is a popular food to smoke these chunks can also be used to smoke nuts, cheeses, vegetables and more. 
Wood chunks are the best way to give your food that unique smoked flavour. Visit our website to have a look at all the options that we sell.