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Blog »  Seasoned Logs Or Wood Briquettes?

Our BRIQUETTES come in two forms:-

HOTTIES Heatlogs and NUGGET BRIQUETTES. Our HOTTIES are made from compressed, dried recycled clean wood burn very hot, clean, are easy to handle and fit into even the smaller wood burning stoves.

NUGGET BRIQUETTES are produced from recycled English Woodland oak sawdust which comes from local saw mills around the UK. The nuggets burn efficiently, have a higher heat output, low carbon foortprint and are a very cost effective and clean effective alternative to using kiln dried or seasoned logs.

As for the comparison between the seasoned logs and briquettes, here are a few things that set them apart.

- Briquettes burn cleaner with a high heat output, are cheaper and easier to store and handle.

- The burning capacity and heat output of the wooden logs is comparatively less because  the moisture content of briquettes can be as low as 10% while the moisture content of the seasoned logs can be +/- 22%. Evidently briquettes burn quicker and provide a better heat output and burn cleaner and emission free too.

- The time taken by the briquettes to heat up is also shorter as compared to the seasoned logs.

- The residue left behind is also comparatively less.

- Briquettes are easier to store

- The lower moisture content and better packaging of briquttes means there is less risk of insect presence

- Seasoned logs also weigh more and you may find you are pauying for this extra water content!

- Briquette come in handy pags whereas seasoned logs come either as loose logs or in various sealed and non sealed bags

- Although the briquettes are more advantagious over seasoned logs, never the less our seasoned logs are extremely popular as they are a convenient size, easy to handle, reasnably priced and dry to give a good heat .

Browse through logs and our briquettes website for more details.