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Blog »  Things You Need to Know When Buying Firewood

If you are trying to buy firewood for your log burner or fireplace it can be quite overwhelming. How do you decide on which firewood is best for your requirement and how much will you need?
Some points you need to consider when buying firewood are:
1. Your budget
2. The space you have to store said firewood
3. How often are you going to use it and specifically at what time of the year
4. Whether or not you have the time and patience to get it ready to burn correctly
5. The environmental impact of firewood
Once you know the answer to these questions, below are some insights for you to consider to make the right choice:
1. Moisture content
Using hard wood with a moisture content of less than 20% typically provides the best results. Not only does this reduce the impact on the environment, it will also not affect your appliance negatively.
2. Weight
You may think that heavier wood will offer a longer burn time. When wood is wet though it weighs a lot more than when it is kiln dried, so heavier wood is often best avoided. You will usually find firewood being sold by volume rather than weight.
3. Bulk buying
While buying in bulk is cheaper than buying smaller quantities, it is also equally difficult to store that kind of firewood if you do not have ample space of the right kind. Firewood needs to be stored in a cool dry place so that it does not absorb moisture, so only buy as much as you can store properly.
Consider all of your options and possibilities before you buy your bagged firewood. Make sure you take into consideration the environment, appliances and storage space as some of the most important points.