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Get the best instant smoke flavours from Four Seasons BBQ.

BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks

To take your food smoking to the next level select any of our tasty flavours Smoking Wood Chunks,  just like wood logs, are mostly used for longer cooking and grilling sessions. Due to the higher amount of heat they produce wood chunks are more suitable for grilling pork ribs, gammon, and fish. BBQ wood chunks are suitable for use in charcoal BBQs, grills and in smokers.

BBQ Smoking Wood Chips

We have a fantastic range of BBQ/Smoking Wood Chips for either hot or cold smoking. The variety of smoking wood chips flavours includes:

Alder Wood Chip, Apple Wood Chip, Cherry Wood Chip, and Oak Wood Chips

Our Smoking Wood Chips are widely used and known for their:

- effective smoking abilities;

- their ability to compliment anything, which you might want to hot or cold smoke;

- being sourced from the environmentally friendly regions of Europe;

- eco-purity, bug-free, mold-free, and bark-free;

- adding a rich exquisite flavours and unique taste to your Beef, Poultry, Game, Pork, Fish, Veggies, and Spices

These wood chunks come in 15 litre boxes and would give your food an ideal and natural wood smoke flavours.

Maximum moisture level is 15%
Ash less than 2%
Store in dry storage area
Do not use flammable substances to light, as the smokey flavour could be impaired as a result