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Hotties Heat Logs, Coffee Logs and Oakwood Nuggets.

These alternative fuels offer a low moisture, clean-burning, high heat and quick lighting alternative to kiln-dried and seasoned logs. Made from recycled, responsible and sustainably sourced materials these can be used on their own or with traditional fuels. 
HOTTIES Heatlogs - Made from compressed, dried and recycled clean wood they are very hot burning, clean, easy to handle and fit into even the smaller wood-burning stoves. See more about Hotties.

NUGGET Briquettes  - Clean and cost-effective alternative to using kiln-dried or seasoned logs. The nuggets give off a warm healthy flame at the beginning of the burn cycle and will typically burn for many hours. In a closed appliance or stove with air controls closed down, they will provide plenty of heat and glow. The nugget outstrips the performance of any other imported briquettes as they burn extremely efficiently, burning very hot with a low carbon footprint and are very cost-effective.
These fuel logs are 55mm in diameter and mostly between 30mm and 90mm in length, with each bag pack weighs approximately 10kgs.
Produced from recycled English Woodland OAK sawdust which comes from local sawmills around the UK.
These eco briquettes are:-
- Clean and easy to store
- Perfect for burning on open fires, multi-fuel stoves, wood burners
- Offer a cleaner and greener way to heat your home
- They are easy to light with a small amount of kindling
- Heat up very quickly and get reach high temperatures within 10 minutes
- Maintain a notably high heat output and burn for a long time with low ash levels and emissions
- Contain no artificial additives just a natural wood product
- Have a low moisture content of approx. 10%
- Offer an efficient burn that produces very and lower residues, which means cleaner chimneys and flues
- Are also useful in summer for use in chimeneas, open fire pits and glamping sites etc.