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Blog »  Buy Firewood Logs in West Sussex

Most of our seasoned  logs are high quality ash wood which is perfect for open fires, wood burners, multi-fuel stoves etc. These are split and dried in our barns throughout the summer and are ready for immediate use. These are mainly delivered in the form of thrown loose load which is tipped loose at your desired drop off point. These are available for free delivery only within 20 miles of Coneyhurst, Billingshurst. For those who require packed firewood in place of loose wood, our bulk bags with the hooded skirts to protect from rain are your perfect option. These can be delivered and craned off.

Our kiln dried premium hardwood logs are super dry and burn much cleanly than seasoned logs. We are one of the best in terms of dried logs for sale in the Sussex and Surrey. These firewood logs are locally sourced and produced from carefully selected hardwoods. These are delivered in bulk bags of size 80x80x80 cms. Our kiln dried firewood offers great value for money. For deliveries outside our local area we offer deliveries made by a nationwide pallet courier, with standard delivery at kerb side only. Please have a look at our 'Shipping Costings and Returns' and ‘Delivery Terms and Condition’ for more information.

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For any special requirements please contact our sales team on Tel: 01403 783379