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Chimney Cleaning Logs
The chimney cleaning log - helps prevent chimney fires.
Treats and reduces creosote build up in your fireplace chimney
Use every 60 fires or as needed.
Independent test results demonstrate that using the Chimney Cleaning Log (CCL) can reduce creosote deposits in wood burning stoves and flues. The CCL in a fireplace can render the creosote more brittle and lower volatile organic compounds in the chimney. Subsequent mechanical sweepings are easier, cleaner
and more effective.
Whether using an open fire or wood / multi-fuel stove, a brick, lined or stainless steel twin wall chimney, a CCL will help to prevent chimney fires. It even insures you and your home against it.
• The CCL has been tested by OMNI-test laboratories for its chimney cleaning
• Free insurance with the leading insurance group in Europe
• Use every 60 fires or as needed
• No mess, No tools, No hassle, No chimney fires
• The CCL does not take the place of inspection and professional cleaning by a qualified chimney sweep
• The CCL should not effect manufacturers warranties on stainless steel flue product

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